The Erotic Education of a Naughty Miss #2

Before Annabel can march down the wedding aisle with her betrothed, the Marquese of Montford, she has to banish the Dire Duo. Her chief rival, Cecelia and her mother arrive at the country estate, hoping to derail the wedding. But when Annabel meddles, it's Cecelia who falls.

This 12,000+ erotic regency novelette contains a scheming grandmother (and her lady's maid), an elopement, voyeurism and Annabel's wedding night.

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Annabel's Introduction
The Erotic Education of a Naughty Miss #1

Meet Annabel.  She's an adventurous regency miss, rapidly approaching marriage. Annabel gets more than she bargained for when she spies on the handsome new footman.  

After being caught by her grandmother, she then finds out exactly why all the Ladies demand French maids. Her grandmother wants her to be happy, so appoints Sophie, her french ladies maid, to start showing Annabel the ropes.

This erotic short story (2,500 words) contains m/f voyeurism and f/f exploration. 

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Jukebox Jezebel (Daddy's Wild Ride #1)

Meet Molly. She just inherited her daddy's sweet '67 Buick Wildcat and shed her cheating boyfriend.

She's hitting the road and retracing her dad's wild steps, starting with Lee, the smoking hottie Molly runs into at a little roadside diner.

This 3,800 word erotic short story contains almost public sex, stranger sex and a just a teensy bit of bondage.  

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Mona desperately needs Grace's help.

Grace is willing to grant Mona her favor, but only after she shows Mona who's really in control in their office.

How far will Mona let Grace take her?

Contains: F/f/m sexy times, spanking, and some delicious but light BDSM.

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