Friday, June 8, 2012

Jukebox Jezebel Free at Amazon!

Guess what happened? Amazon set Jukebox Jezebel to free!

Perfect timing since Molly's next adventure goes live next week.

Meet Molly. She just inherited her daddy's sweet '67 Buick Wildcat and shed her cheating boyfriend.

She's hitting the road and retracing her dad's wild steps, starting with Lee, the smoking hottie Molly runs into at a little roadside diner.

This 3,800 word erotic short story contains almost public sex, stranger sex and a just a teensy bit of bondage.

So, visit Amazon and pick up your free copy now!  Feel free to tell everyone you know.  Tell your neighbor! Tell your mom! Seriously, tell your mom, she's freakier than you realize...

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