Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Release: Averted Scandal (Regency Erotica)

Well, I've been rather pokey these days, haven't I? I hope you enjoy Annabel's next adventure as much as I did.


Before Annabel can march down the wedding aisle with her betrothed, the Marquese of Montford, she has to banish the Dire Duo. Her chief rival, Cecelia and her mother arrive at the country estate, hoping to derail the wedding. But when Annabel meddles, it's Cecelia who falls.

This 12,000+ erotic regency novelette contains a scheming grandmother (and her lady's maid), an elopement, voyeurism and Annabel's wedding night.

Note: Annabel's story begins with Annabel's Introduction.

Now available for purchase at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords

Friday, June 8, 2012

Jukebox Jezebel Free at Amazon!

Guess what happened? Amazon set Jukebox Jezebel to free!

Perfect timing since Molly's next adventure goes live next week.

Meet Molly. She just inherited her daddy's sweet '67 Buick Wildcat and shed her cheating boyfriend.

She's hitting the road and retracing her dad's wild steps, starting with Lee, the smoking hottie Molly runs into at a little roadside diner.

This 3,800 word erotic short story contains almost public sex, stranger sex and a just a teensy bit of bondage.

So, visit Amazon and pick up your free copy now!  Feel free to tell everyone you know.  Tell your neighbor! Tell your mom! Seriously, tell your mom, she's freakier than you realize...

Friday, June 1, 2012

New Post up at OHW!

I have a new blog post up at about my goals of increasing my writing productivity in June.

Go check it out now!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Meet H.F. March (and get a freebie)

I know I haven't been blogging at all lately, but I've been working on a longer follow-up to Annabel's Introduction and working on a longer fantasy novella. I promise I'm still chugging along! 

But I am super excited to introduce a dear friend and fellow author, H.F. March.  I've known her for just about ever, and I'm so pleased that she just put out her first erotica short and it is delightful!

She also put up the free, steamy short, Skin of Sea and Sky, on her blog.

The Candace Experience
By H.F. March

Randolph is looking for something he hasn't experienced with normal City girls, so he goes to an android brothel, where he finds something he never would have expected.

This 4,000 word erotic short sci-fi story contains rough m/f android sex.

It's available at Amazon and Smashwords for a sweet 99 cents!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Delilah Fawkes Killer Erotica Sale!

So, I totally adore Delilah Fawkes.  She's not just a delightful person, but a crazy sexy writer.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE her stories.  And now she is having a hot special for people who buy My Best Friend's Brother from Amazon. She'll give you TWO of of her other stories for FREE! Buy one, get two of your choosing free, either with Smashwords coupons or kindle gifts.  Go to her site for the deets on how to redeem it!

Blurb for My Best Friend's Brother:

When self-proclaimed nympho, Bailey, sleeps over at Amber's house, she hears her too-sexy brother, Brian masturbating through his bedroom door. When he calls out her name, she enters his room to make all of his wildest fantasies come true.

However, Bailey's in for a surprise. Brian wants to dominate her, and won't take "no" for an answer. He's a master in the sack, but is Bailey ready to let go and let him rock her world?

Warning: This 3800 word story contains intense oral sex, sixty-nining, thick cocks, hot brothers, voyeurism, domination, spanking and some very wet panties. May be too hot to handle! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sara Cakes: Up and Cumming!

So, I'm totally biased, since she's a naughty pal of mine, but you really should check out Sara Cakes' debut short story, Cumming in Hollywood!

Stephanie Archer has moved to Hollywood, determined to make it as an actress.

She loves it here, but being new in town has left her horribly lonely and hellishly horny.

Her search for a plastic playmate leads her to one made of flesh and blood. 

Get this naughty story now at Amazon!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New Story!

Annabel's Introduction (The Erotic Education of a Naughty Miss)

Meet Annabel.  She's an adventurous regency miss, rapidly approaching marriage. Annabel gets more than she bargained for when she spies on the handsome new footman.  

After being caught by her grandmother, she then finds out exactly why all the Ladies demand French maids. Her grandmother wants her to be happy, so appoints Sophie, her french ladies maid, to start showing Annabel the ropes.

This erotic short story (2,500 words) contains m/f voyeurism and f/f exploration. 

Currently available at Amazon.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Breaking in the New Year!

My goodness, how is it 2012 already? I'm so flustered, but I do love breaking in a new year.  It's laying in front of us, unblemished and ready for just about anything...

I admit, I've been totally wrapped up in the holiday season.  So many pleasures to indulge in.  Thank goodness for the strict discipline of January!

I have a new blog post up at One Handed Writers! Time keeps on slipping, slipping is all about some of the discipline I'm planning for myself this month.

What kind of discipline do you have planned?