Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day and Apple Store!

It a celebratory day, indeed! They finally cracked the smut dam at Apple, and now you can now find my stories at the iTunes store!

Begging for Favors features F/f/m sexy times, spanking, and some delicious but light BDSM.

Jukebox Jezebel features contains almost public sex, stranger sex and a just a teensy bit of bondage.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fun Free Read: Jungle Fever (m/m) by Sara Pierce

One of my writer pals just had one of her stories, Jungle Fever (m/m) go free on Amazon!

Check the blurb, then check out her super sexy story:

Do you like your sex hard and dirty? Author Sara Pierce gives you another Don't Tell story about two military men who like it ROUGH!

The remote jungles of Central America are a tough and unrelenting landscape - the perfect place to train elite Navy SEALs. When two commandos decide that they need to blow off steam in an unexpected training lull, theirs will be a struggle for dominance that will blow your mind! Warning: tough men going at it, each trying to dominate the other and giving no quarter to weakness!

At 3,400 words, JUNGLE FEVER is a quick and dirty gay short story like only Sara Pierce can give it to you! This story is also available in the DON'T TELL anthology!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On Sale Now! Jukebox Jezebel only .99!

As a sweet treat, and while I work to get more stories live, I thought I would put Jukebox Jezebel (Daddy's Wild Ride #1) on sale for the next week!

It's on sale at Amazon now for only 99 cents!  For less than a buck, you can join Molly on her first adventure, following her pussyhound father's footsteps!

And coming soon: Molly's adventures continue when she picks up a hitchhiker with dangerous curves in Nobody Rides For Free (Daddy's Wild Ride #2).

Monday, November 7, 2011

Community Blogging: Get Your Motor Humming

Mmm, that's right, punish me!
Can't believe I forgot to blog about this!  Bad blogger, I'll need you to spank me...

I'm also blogging every other Wednesday with the smoking hot writers of 'One Handed Writers'!

Last week I wrote about how to help get your erotica motors humming.

Previously, I wrote about my love of being romanced.

Plus you should totally check out the other writers there, some really fun posts to read!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Killer Review from Bibrary Book Lust!

Sally from Bibrary Book Lust gave Asking for Favors an awesome review!

At just under 3650 words, Begging For Favors is a short story that packs a lot of drama into just a few pages, but which doesn’t seem at all dense or rushed.

It all starts with a lesbian twist on the typical workplace fantasy. Mona is your average, ordinary, every-day office worker. She’s neither drab and insecure, nor mousy and timid – instead, she’s the kind of woman you’re just as like to smile at as to take for granted. Grace, on the other hand, is a powerfully sexy woman, an absolute bombshell who inspires as much fear as she does lust. Being a secretary may place her on a lower rung of the corporate ladder but, socially, she is definitely a few steps above Mona.

I love the way Leota so quickly sets up their confrontation, letting us know first that Mona is afraid of the other woman, but then letting it slip that she’s also attracted. By the time Grace demands some rather risqué, almost demeaning sexual favours exchange for Mona’s simple business favour, we know there’s going to be very little coercion involved. Their brief encounter is so intense, so wonderfully erotic, it isn’t until they are interrupted that we realise they’ve hardly touched one another.

That interruption comes in the form of Paul – Grace’s boss, and the man from whom Mona needs a favour. You almost expect him to take charge, to reassert the ‘proper’ office dynamic, but he’s quite content to allow Grace to continue taking the lead. I deliberately use the word 'allow' because there is definitely a flexible power exchange between the two that really adds that final erotic touch.

Hot, short, and very sexy, this is definitely a story from an author to watch.