Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kick off w/ a dirty little sketch!

This is just a snippet that developed from a hot little visual I couldn't get out of my head.  I haven't figured out how or why this couple got to were they are in this moment.  But I thought it would be a nice way to break in this blog.


He reached out and touched her. Soft, barely there caresses. Forehead, flowing down her nose, circling her lips with his thumb.

Slipping his thumb into her mouth, grabbing her jaw with his hand. Flipping her over, still holding her jaw, controlling, firm. His other hand flies through the air, slamming into the smooth globe of her ass. "I told you not to wear panties".

He grabbed the side of them, and tore them down her legs. He slipped his hand into the crack of her ass, caressing down, into her slick wet pussy. He slid his thumb into her hole, rubbing her juices around her slit. He slid two finger into her cunt, fast and deep. His thumb pressing on her taint, pushing her juices around. He pushed a third finger in her hole. "Can I get all 4 in? Can I stretch out your pussy?"

He slammed his hand into her, pulling out slowly, then in again. As he pulled out, he shifted his hand, getting his thumb to her asshole, and began circling it. He released her jaw, and grabbed the back of her head, by the hair. He pushed her face into the bed, as he shoved his thumb into her ass. "I'm going to fuck your face, drill your pussy, then ride your ass until I cum in it."

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